Your Personal Countertop Expert

Delivering exceptional and personalized client experience. When it comes to custom cut countertops and personalized service, we understand your needs, whether you are a homeowner or a contractor.  As a local business, we understand that our success is rooted in our clients’ experience and satisfaction.

We also know that you are busy, and it can be next to impossible to navigate this process alone. Far too many companies rush their customers into signing a contract, then hang them out to dry. That is why our relationship with you begins and ends with effective communication. We do not have business hours, we have family hours. This means that Monday through Sunday, morning, afternoon and night, we are available to our clients. Clients can feel free to call or email us at any time to share new ideas or ask questions.

We love hearing from you!

Why Us?


With premium-sourced materials, expert fabrication and installation, we know our countertops are built to last. We will consult with you to capture your vision down to the very last detail. Once we know exactly what you want and how you want it, we will work to develop an intuitive plan, search for best value, crunch the numbers and ultimately present you with the most affordable, efficient execution of your project.

We have the knowledge and experience to navigate with you through the process, while you enjoy exceptional service and peace of mind.

Bring Your Vision, We’ll Make It Reality

Our Process

After your inquiry, we will proceed with your project consultation to get all details, select material and estimate your project. Then we will proceed to the 3 most important stages of your project vision.


During our schedule template, we will get precise measurements and all details necessary to fabricate your Custom Cut Countertops, Vanity top and more.


Cutting your countertops based on your template, edge profile, backsplashes, sink cut-out, faucet hole(s) and all other details captured during template and initial project consultation.


Finally, We will install your fresh custom cut countertops with great care and attention to detail. This ensures a perfectly finished product bringing your vision into reality and beyond.

Our Promise

Simply at Fresh Countertop Inc., our priorities are to provide our clients with top quality countertops and an exceptional experience throughout the completion of their projects. Your project is our project and as such, we’ll ensure your vision is realized to your complete satisfaction and beyond.